Grice Reunion July 1978

Barbara Lyons and Jesse Grice
Graduation from Topeka High School - May 1970

Barbara Lyons and Howard Small Engagement and
Visit From Patsy Sue (Grice) and Charles Belletto
Abt 1969

Fall Trip To Lake Perry - Abt 1969

Our first trip to the Ozarks
in our School Bus - Abt 1971

Mona Grice at Queen of Courts
Highland Park High School - Abt 1974

Mike Lyons in Wrestling at
Curtis Jr High School - Abt 1971

John Lyons playing football
Curtis Jr High School - Abt 1973

Visiting Jesse Sewell in Louisiana - Abt 1972

Trip to Florida to see Barb and Howard - Abt 1973

Jack Lyons chasing his gopher


If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row.
Would you be proud of them? Or don't you really know ?

Strange discoveries are sometimes made, in climbing the family tree,
Occasionally one is found in line, who shocks his progeny.

If you could see your ancestors, all standing in a row,
Perhaps there might be one or two, you wouldn't care to know.

Now turn the question right about, and take another view.
When you shall meet your ancestors, will they be proud of you ?

----Author Unknown----

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